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Notice: Communications between you and Los Angeles Eviction Service are protected by our Privacy Policy but not by the attorney-client privilege or as work product. Los Angeles Eviction Service provides access to top eviction attorneys in Southern California.  Los Angeles Eviction Service is a registered and bonded unlawful detainer assistant, #2015151998, Los Angeles County (exp. 6/17).
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Los Angeles Eviction Service provides specialized Eviction Services including Unlawful Detainer Services, Filings, Registered Process Service, Landlord Legal Services, and access to the Top Independent Eviction Attorneys in Los Angeles.  Our Los Angeles Eviction Lawyers and Los Angeles Eviction Attorneys simply know "how to evict a tenant" in the shortest time possible and for the lowest cost possible.  The Eviction Process in Los Angeles can be difficult to say the least.  Landlord Rights to evict are greatly affected by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, aka RSO.  Los Angeles Eviction Service offers expedited next day case filings and service at the following Los Angeles Superior Court Courthouses: Downtown Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Long Beach Courthouse, Santa Monica Courthouse, Pasadena Courthouse and Norwalk Courthouse.  We utilizes state of the art computer systems to provide realtime updates as your case flows though the Los Angeles Eviction Process.

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Los Angeles Eviction Service
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